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Duck and Cover

Broadband | Dial-up

In this classic from the early 1950's, Bert the Turtle teaches children to "duck and cover" in the event of a nuclear blast.

My Japan

Broadband | Dial-up

This highly offensive film from World War II demonizes the Japanese with racist stereotypes and explicit atrocity images. Clips currently unavilable on the archive server. (Feb '06)

Make Mine Freedom

Broadband | Dial-up

This humorous cartoon, produced during the peak of the cold war, links patriotism to a particular viewpoint about how the economy should be organized.

Brink of Disaster

Broadband 1 2 | Dial-up 1 2

A revolutionary war hero travels through time to combat campus rebellion in the 1970's.

Destination Earth

Broadband | Dial-up

Sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute, this cartoon celebrates petroleum and economic competition.

Campus on the March

Broadband | Dial-up

This short film, produced by the Office of War Information, depicts college campuses gearing up for the war effort.