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The following passages are reprinted from a press release found on the web site of the America First Party. Pledging to fight “for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution to put America First,” the party was formed in April 2002. This press release discusses the the recent controversy over the American pledge of allegiance. What sort of propaganda techniques or logical fallacies, if any, can you detect?

Stop the Insanity: Impeach the Judges Now

Boulder, CO — At the fourth meeting of the America First National Committee, held by teleconference on June 26, 2002, the following resolution was authorized unanimously by its members:

Whereas, brave patriots fought and died to bequeath to all Americans a noble heritage of freedom; and,

Whereas, those Founders of our Nation pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, declaring that they did so with “a firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence”; and,

Whereas, the America First Party seeks to encourage Faith as one of our Nation’s traditional values through the recognition of our Judeo-Christian heritage; and,

Whereas, the Flag of the United States of America is precious in the sight of all those who love our country; and,

Whereas, our Pledge to that Flag is a solemn affirmation of allegiance to the noblest, sweetest, and most precious ideals of the Country we love;

Now therefore be it resolved by the America First National Committee:

That we hereby condemn Federal Appeals Court Judges Alfred T. Goodwin and Stephen Reinhardt for their unprovoked and dastardly attack upon that Flag and its Pledge; and,

That we hereby deplore this latest attack by the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals as yet another act of judicial tyranny, following in a long line of usurpations of the United States Constitution and of the rights of the people; and,

That we hereby denounce the members of the United States Senate, hypocrites, cowards, Republicans, and Democrats all, who have replaced the performance of what is now their required and sacred Constitutional duty with meaningless condemnations of the men they themselves put on the federal bench; and,

That we hereby demand that Congress uphold its sacred duty to protect and defend the Constitution by the immediate adoption of Articles of Impeachment by the House, and Conviction and Removal by the Senate of Judges Goodwin and Reinhardt, so that the Judges of this Country may know that their place and their duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution, and not to trample upon the rights of the people and help destroy America.

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