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Fighting Fake Reviews

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Today, more and more people are shopping online. Whether you are looking for a nice pair of headphones, an interesting book to read, or a certain type of snack that your grocery store does not have – Amazon has it all. In fact, many times Amazon will have hundreds of similar products from different sellers. When the product is not in front of you, how do you determine the quality of a certain product?

The answer is simple: reviews.

When written by our peers, reviews offer a sense of security about the product that we are purchasing online. If John from Bolingbrook liked it, surely we will too. However, some businesses exploit our tendency to trust our peers by writing their own reviews praising their product or demeaning their competitors’ merchandise.

Luckily, the people at have created tools to detect these deceptive reviews. FakeSpot uses an advanced algorithm to detect suspicious product reviews. While on the Fake Spot website, a consumer can copy the URL of any Amazon product page and get feedback about the reliability of the product’s reviews. After analyzing the reviews for things like purchasing patterns, verified purchases, date correlations, writing style, and grammar, the site gives the user a letter grade based on the quality of the reviews.

Before making a big purchase, try using FakeSpot to ensure that the reviews are authentic!

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