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Illustration shows a young man overwhelemed by a flood of propaganda.

Core concepts. Why should you care about propaganda?

Illustration shows how two minds can view the same object very differently. A human woman views a bone as a signifier of death while a dog smiles and sees it as food.

Cognitive biases. How do trolls manipulate our biases?

Image depicts a sign from the Institute for Propaganda Analysis: 1937-1942.

Decoding propaganda. How can you detect and analyze propaganda?

Humorous image depicting an army of bots warning of fake danger.

Case studies. Learn about mind-blowing propaganda case studies.

Cartoon image depicts a magnifying glass showing someone reading the pledge of allegiance.

Examples. Analyze real-world propaganda examples.

Image depicts magnifying glass being used to magnify another magnifying glass that is highlighting the words 'fake or fact.'

Fighting back. How can you protect yourself against fake news and propaganda?

Image depicts a phone with a game featuring Pinocchio and flaming pants on fire.

Games. Fun propaganda games for your phone and computer.

Image shows a robot watching video about Japanese Relocation

Video. Watch propaganda videos from then and now.

Collage of screenshots from the previous version of this site.

Archive. Looking for the old site? You can view the archived version of the site.

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