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Anti-American Propaganda from Afghanistan

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On February 28, 2002, BBC Monitoring International Reports covered a story that had initially been carried by the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) news agency in Pakistan. The AIP reproduced text from a propaganda leaflet that was allegedly distributed in Nangarhar Province in Eastern Afghanistan. The source and authenticity of the leaflet are unknown.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

Afghanistan – The beginning of America’s decline and fall. It is a well-known and open fact that since mankind has been in existence a tireless and endless struggle has been waged between good and evil. Good was always victorious and evil was destroyed and devastated. This struggle continues today. Some people Muslims have been confused and disappointed by these events anti-terrorist campaign , but thank God, they separated the true Muslims from the hypocrites.

Since the Soviet Union became weak, lost its role as a superpower and collapsed into 15 countries, America took the opportunity to launch bandit operations, captured strategic points and put its armies in the sacred places of the Muslims, Bayt al-Maqdis Jerusalem and the Haramin Mecca and Madina. This America did by creating pretexts and conspiracies, as America was afraid of the success of Muslims in the world.

After the fall of Najib Dr Najibollah, former Afghan president, America started to prolong the Afghan crisis, split the Islamic forces and prevented the mojahedin from establishing an Islamic government in free Afghanistan. America hatched conspiracies to take permanent control of Asia and Afghanistan. It first vanquished the resistance of the Islamic Emirate by using chemical and biological weapons which martyred more than 12,000 people. Now, 255 innocent people have sentenced for life in the terrible circumstances of Guantanama. They are being treated in an unprecedentedly brutal way.

America and its crusader friends want to establish their permanent presence in Afghanistan and then like in Turkey, they want to use Afghan Americans to make a secular (not religious) country and make their puppet regime rule Afghanistan permanently. The aim is to deprive them Afghans of their religion and give them the American atheist mentality, make them embrace American religion instead of the religion given by God and to worship them Americans instead of worshipping God.

America wants to ensure its domination in Asia and bring the area out of Russian control. Meanwhile, China and Iran will also find themselves under seige.

Jihad against the Americans and their puppets is now the duty of every Muslim of Afghanistan, a duty which does not need even the permission of one’s parents. The defender and protector of the present regime of Kabul is an apostate or renegade and shows nothing but hypocrisy and atheism.

We warn the crusaders openly that your dreams about Afghanistan will never come true and you can not stop the Muslims of the world who have sworn to follow the path of their ancestor Salah-ed-Din Yusuf ibn- Ayyub Saladin. We believe that God willing, the days will come soon when Afghanistan will become more terrible for the Americans than Vietnam and Somalia and they will be thrown out disgracefully just as the Russians and British were.

The coming of the Americans to Afghanistan is the sign and the herald of their downfall and decline. We announce openly to the international army who are using the name of peacekeeping forces that they should leave Afghanistan immediately or they will see the Americans’ end.

We want to tell our Afghan and other Muslim brothers that God willing, we will hoist high the flag of jihad and we will bring to an end the cruel dominators of Palestine and the Haramin. We declare our repugnance against those Afghans whose hands are stained with the blood of mojahedin guests. We give assurances that these traitors will be punished for their deeds.

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